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The History of the Pub

History of THe Swan With Two Necks

Originally established as a public house way back in 1755, The Swan With Two Necks is steeped in history. It dates back even further as a coaching inn.

There was also an associated blacksmiths next door ready to tend to the patron's horses (in the building which is now the Longdon Women's Institute Hall). The pictures you see here are from the early 1900's and feature the resident apprentice blacksmith of that time, Tom Broadhurst, enjoying the local beer after a hard days work.

The name "Swan With Two Necks" refers to the crest of the Worshipful Company of Vintners.

A once powerful guild who held land and houses all over England. The expression “with two necks,” really means “two nicks” that is, two special marks on the beak to denote the difference between the Vintners’ swans on the Thames to those of the King.

So how did it become "Necks" and not "Nicks"?. Illiterate sign-painters of the time had simply translated the words “two nicks” into “two necks”, the rest they say is history!

Tom Broadhurst - Black Smiths.

Pictures of the old Swan With Two Necks

Tom Broadhurst, resident apprentice blacksmith early 1900's

Swan With Two Necks - Historical Photo (Date Unknown)